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LS Island / LS Land
LS Land Issue-18 (Alien Stars)

Do you believe in UFO? What about Aliens? Unearthly beautiful Alien Stars came down to earth to greet you and to prove you that life on the other planets is real and it's not a tail! These splendid and indisputably charming creatures look really unusual here, on Earth! Once you saw them, you will never forget how their looks and bodies, which absorbed the star dust and rays of million suns! Guess, you have never thought that Aliens can be so astonishingly beautiful, so charming, so irresistable... Just look at them... They are glooming!!

[Image: aliensstars.jpg]

LS Land Issue-18 (Alien Stars) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-18 (Alien Stars).rar
LS Land Issue-19 (911)

Stop saving the world by yourself, let the rescue team do it! These strong and at the same time unforgettably beautiful girls will come to you at once, the moment you will pray for help! Suppose, you've seen most of them on the street or somewhere in public, but you've never thought and you never payed attention to their faces and of course to their appearances. Now you have time to look at them closer and to become for a minute a part of their lives! The fotographers and the whole team could hardly stay calm trying to show you the beauty of these absolutely fantastic and irresistable workers! They just so beautiful, so terrific, so wished and longed for...

[Image: 911.jpg]

LS Land Issue-19 (911) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-19 (911).rar
LS Land Issue-20 (Batman's Babies)

I guess, you heard about Batman?! But you've never heard about Batman's girlfriends! They gathered here and each is eager to show you why she is so special, so unique and so absolutely unforgettable! You can check them out and find the things, which usual girls do not have and what is so attractive and unbelievably charming about them! So fetching, so breathtaking, so unpredictable! Well, one can't find the words, which would describe the terrific appearances and looks! 

[Image: batmansbabies.jpg]

LS Land Issue-20 (Batman's Babies) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-20 (Batmans Babies).part1.rar

LS Land Issue-20 (Batmans Babies).part2.rar
LS Land Issue-21 (Stunning Dolls)

Welcome to our amazing world of beautiful and stunning dolls! Beaming beauty of these tender and at the same time so attracting creatures can't leave you aside! ! Just play with them and you'll like the games they play. Their dishy looks and splendid appearances so alluring, so wished and longed for... You should be careful with them, since they are so tender and so fragile... Their beauty is their power... So be careful, otherwise they will break your hearts.. But that will be a real pleasure, pure pleasure...

[Image: stundol.jpg]

LS Land Issue-21 (Stunning Dolls) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-21 (Stunning Dolls).rar
LS Land Issue-22 (Oriental Nights)

These young oriental princess invite you to spend wonderful and unforgettable nights in their company. Each of them will tell you amazing fairytales and stories about fairy lands and miracles, lovestories and fantastic adventures of brave men! You will be amazed by their tender and at the same time so passionate nature, their sweet and extraordinary looks and chemistry...

[Image: orinigh.jpg]

LS Land Issue-22 (Oriental Nights) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-22 (Oriental Nights).rar
LS Land Issue-23 (Old Story)

In order to fulfill the request of our Dear Members, LS Team created this issue in order to present you the first pictures and first model shoots of your favourite lolitas. The biggest part of the pictures presented in this site were taken from the data base of Ukrainian Nymphets site. Now you will have an opportunity to gather a full albume of almost every girl, which took part in LS shootings...

[Image: oldstory-lolita.jpg]

LS Land Issue-23 (Old Story) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-23 (Old Story).rar
LS Land Issue-24 (Future School)

These young school girls are soo cute, so fascinating! Every time you look at their happy and joyful faces, you try to imagine what kind of thoughts are in these little heads, what are they dreaming about? In the course of time everything connected with school changes and everything about these little creatures changes.. Now girls grow faster and their femininity develops and they become very attractable women much more faster than it was before.. Have you ever thought what would be like school life in five , ten years? How can you imagine that? Our beautiful schoolgirls tried to imagine future school and, suppose, they managed with that pretty well...

[Image: futsch.jpg]

LS Land Issue-24 (Future School) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-24 (Future School).rar
LS Land Issue-25 (Retro Ladies)

Do you remember those famous 1920s? The time when young women wore long stiff skirts with lots of frills and bows, hiding their eyes and faces behind the veil. Remember when the society rules forbade men enojoy young womens bodies before the marriage? Do you remember what these men did to satisfy their needs? There were free women, who didn't care about society rules and enjoyed their beauty and their powers while showing their beauty! These young women were not afraid of public opinion and discussions behind their backs... So here, our little stars tryed to imagine and live the life of those famous ladies!

[Image: retrol.jpg]

LS Land Issue-25 (Retro Ladies) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-25 (Retro Ladies).rar
LS Land Issue-26 (Hawaiian Breeze)

Forget about everything and dive into a world of pleasure... Just imagine: you are lying on a sunny beach, relaxing and enjoying little sunshines play on your skin and make you tickle and laugh.. Tender and fresh sea breaze caresses your body, hair... And suddenly young goddess comes out of the water, appears before you in all her unhidden, natural and frank beauty... She gives you a glimpse and the next thought in your head is "where did this absolutely astonishing goddes come from?!" So, now you have a chance to get to know her closer! Come on in and find it out!

[Image: hawbree.jpg]

LS Land Issue-26 (Hawaiian Breeze) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-26 (Hawaiian Breeze).rar
LS Land Issue-27 (Show Girls)

Welcome to the party of youth and beauty! Join the company and see how these young little show girls get crazy and relax, how they dream and enjoy their lives! The world of these astonishing beauties is bright and full of fantastic events, jokes, smiles and adventures. One never knows and realizes when the party starts and real life begins in this world. Every minute is different from the previous, every day one meets new people, which bring into life of young stars lots of new things, feelings and ideas. And it's a real wonder, that in such world little show stars didn't change, their natural beauty wasn't destroyed and their individuality developed.

[Image: ls-hosw.jpg]

LS Land Issue-27 (Show Girls) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-27 (Show Girls).rar

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