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LS Island / LS Land
LS Land Issue-08 (Hots)

Too many problems, hard work, strange people around you?! Hots is a place where you can relax, where glooming beauty of our marvelous lolitas will melt your hearts like ice-cream under the sun. You will forget about everything except for the Hots! Girls like little suns and stars - always there and shining for you! It seems that you can't take of your eyes from! This is so fascinating!

[Image: hots.jpg]

LS Land Issue-08 (Hots) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-08 (Hots).part1.rar

LS Land Issue-08 (Hots).part2.rar
LS Land Issue-09 - Cards Castle

You trusted your feelings and went into this? Just wait and you'll experience something, which you will not be able to forget! At first, it seems that Cards is just a silly game, but later it becomes a real life! Life full of unexpected things and unexpected turns of road you going! Is not that what you secretly dreamed of? These stunning Cards will burst into your life and change the way of your perception beauty!

[Image: cardscastle.jpg]

LS Land Issue-09 - Cards Castle | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-09 - Cards Castle.part1.rar

LS Land Issue-09 - Cards Castle.part2.rar
LS Land Issue-10 (Waterfall)

Now we would like you to enter the Waterfall - a place where you can enjoy the uniqueness beauty of young creatures, born and brought up by Mother Nature! As a part of life in Fairyland they invite you to exlore unforgettable places and sites of Fairyland! They are so natural and at the same time so attractive! This is so fascinating! It seems that a pure and calm river comes to an edge and becomes an amazingly beautiful waterfall! The strength of the water and the beauty of it is so obvious, so fascinating, so unique!

[Image: waterfall.jpg]

LS Land Issue-10 (Waterfall) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-10 (Waterfall).rar
LS Land Issue-11 (Variety)

You still have not found your favourite? All lolitas despite their beauty look the same? Come here and you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of girls, which came together to show you the best! Here you will find the one, who will amaze you and bring a pleasure to you! Uniqueness and unbelievable beauty of each lolita are fantastically represented in this issue!

[Image: variety.jpg]

LS Land Issue-11 (Variety) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-11 (Variety).rar
LS Land Issue-12 (Siren Drive)

The road through the Fairyland brought you to the Sea of Wonders. Here you will see a lot of young and beautiful sea creatures! They will kindly show you around and you will understand how beautiful their world - world, full of beautiful mermaids and sirens. You'll unthinkingly dive into their charms and their beauty will be the best music you've ever heard!

[Image: sirendrive.jpg]

LS Land Issue-12 (Siren Drive) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-12 (Siren Drive).rar
LS Land Issue-13 (Valentines)

Valentines Day is a day for all those who are in love, who cherish and enjoys every moment spent with the dearest one! On this day our stunning beauties gathered here to greet you and spend with this special and other days! Each of them tried to present you something special, something, which you would really love and appreciate it's beauty... So... Here it comes... St.Valentines Day!

[Image: valentines.jpg]

LS Land Issue-13 (Valentines) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-13 (Valentines).rar
LS Land Issue-14 (Fairywood)

Little inhabitants of Fairyland as an integral part of Fairywood invite you to explore the wonders and marvelous places of this land! The smiles of young fantastic creatures will light up the road to real joy! Have you ever seen such beuatiful creatures? They are so bright, so charming, so.. unforgettable! Little foxes and squirells will attract your attention, little bears will protect you from any harm! So... come on in!

[Image: fairywood.jpg]

LS Land Issue-14 (Fairywood) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-14 (Fairywood).rar
LS Land Issue-15 (Little Duchess)

Little duchess and countess invite you - faithful admirers of lolita beauty - to their magnificent palace and propose you to spend several unforgettable hours with them. Gorgeous ladies will show you round their possessions and places where their insight artistic natures blossoming out into brethtaking game of moves and gestures! Fetching looks and absolutely fantastic exposure of natural gifts will overshadow those things you've seen before!

[Image: littleduchess.jpg]

LS Land Issue-15 (Little Duchess) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-15 (Little Duchess).part1.rar

LS Land Issue-15 (Little Duchess).part2.rar

LS Land Issue-15 (Little Duchess).part3.rar

LS Land Issue-15 (Little Duchess).part4.rar
LS Land Issue-16 (Daisies)

Little girls are like beautiful blossoming flowers. They grow and develop into colourful and absolutely amazing flowers. Have you ever thought of such comparison? Young lolitas like little daisies - so pure, so clear and so unique. Their simplicity and innocence captures your imagination and overwhelmes you! Their purity and natural beauty is what you were looking for in this world full of cruel things! So come on in and gather your bouquet of little cute daisies!

[Image: daisies.jpg]

LS Land Issue-16 (Daisies) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-16 (Daisies).rar
LS Land Issue-17 (Forbidden Fruit)

Fresh dishy looks and fragrance of sweet fruits brought you to the peaceful place called Heavenly Garden. If you only cast a glance at those absolutely exotic fruits, you'll be fascinated by splendid and blossoming beauty of these young creatures. Breathtaking pictures and incomparable video will capture your attention and your eyes! The rest of the world outside this indisputably splendid garden will mean nothing to you!

[Image: forbiddenfruit.jpg]

LS Land Issue-17 (Forbidden Fruit) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-17 (Forbidden Fruit).part1.rar

LS Land Issue-17 (Forbidden Fruit).part2.rar

LS Land Issue-17 (Forbidden Fruit).part3.rar

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